Cryptic #9

 [ PDF ] [ puz ] [ online ] [ solution ] We're back on schedule this month. This puzzle has slightly more anagrams/jumble mechanisms than most of my other cryptics to date, but also a couple rarer mechanisms to keep solvers on their toes. Oh, and if you don't get how 28-Across works, just keep looking at the clue a little longer--hope you'll get a nice 'aha!' moment out of it. Bonus variety puzzle coming Halloween weekend, and then another cryptic next month. Happy solving!

Cryptic #8

  PDF  -  puz  -  online  -  solution Lots of assorted family visits and other goings-on, plus a good deal of time needed for American-style crosswords (wrote and submitted a couple solo puzzles, plus working on two collaborations, including an upcoming debut publication for a mentee), means this month's cryptic is late--but better late than never! Thanks to Evan Jenkins for testing this out and suggesting some ways to tighten up the clues. I'll be aiming to get the October puzzle up on the 13th, but October's often a busy month at work so we'll see how things play out. Happy solving!

Cryptic #7

  PDF  -  puz  -  online  -  Solution Hope you are having a good summer! How is it already the middle of August? This puzzle falls on Friday the 13th, so a Happy Colgate Day to those of you that celebrate. The clue at 1, the seed entry, is definitely my favorite in the puzzle--it took a few weeks to get the surface to read as naturally as possible. I hope you'll get a kick out of it when you see where it leads. I tried a different black square layout in this grid, such that the Across entries starting on the left, and the Down entries from the top, have their first letters unchecked (all the answers have at least half their letters checked, however). I'm curious, does this change your solving experience? Have your say in the comments. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the puzzle!

Cryptic #6

PDF puz online solution It's the six-month anniversary of Beneath The Surface! Thanks to all the folks who have visited this site to try out my puzzles, I hope you're having fun. This month I decided to incorporate a mini-theme to help me seed the puzzle with interesting entries. I'm really pleased with a couple of the surfaces that I managed to find for the clues here, especially 2, 3, 12, and of course 27. Hope you'll enjoy it! Check back here August 13 for a brand-new cryptic. I've also been playing with an idea for a variety cryptic bonus puzzle, so keep your eyes peeled!

Midi Cryptic #1

  PDF puz online Solution 9x9 block cryptic for a bonus offering this month. Back with another 15x15 cryptic on July 13.

Cryptic #5

PDF  -  puz  -  online  -  solution Many thanks to Evan Jenkins for test-solving and helping me tighten up some of the clues. Hope you enjoy it!

Cryptic #4

PDF puz Online Solution I had to make a couple last-minute revisions to one of the marquee clues in this puzzle, first because its wordplay duped a grid entry (this probably isn't a puzzle killer, but I found it inelegant), and then because I accidentally slipped in an indirect anagram (which is  a no-no for many cryptic constructors, at least if you're striving to play fair with solvers). Suffice it to say there were lots of files to re-export and links to reset, but anyway, it's all here now with a couple hours to spare. I kind of like the layout here, a 28-word grid with all but two entries of length 6 or more. Hope you enjoy it!